Unlocking the Power of Home Dialysis: A Journey Towards Renal Independence

Discover the power of home dialysis with United Renal Services. Take control of your dialysis care, experience newfound independence, and embark on a transformative journey. Explore the seamless integration of technology, personalized care, and unwavering support as we guide you through the inner workings of home dialysis.

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Dialysis at Home: A Closer Look at our Home Dialysis Features

Regain control of your dialysis schedule with 24-hour treatments using a single machine. Experience convenience and comfort throughout the healing journey! This functional and flexible machine has a compact size of only 35 inches. The dialysis machine, Tablo, serves as a portable dialysis center on wheels, delivering high-performance capabilities. Integrated water purification and on-demand dialysate production ensure optimal functionality.
It has a state-of-the-art facility with which you can stay connected and oversee patient treatments. The two-way wireless data transmission enables you to monitor dialysis sessions from anywhere. Undergo a comprehensive training program, supported by your care team to learn and begin your to home hemodialysis with TabloUnited Renal Services. The simplicity of Tablo's user interface is designed for easy learning and operation. Tablo is a great option for clinics as nurses can become proficient in just 4 hours, while patients can receive training in as little as two weeks.

Pathway to Dialysis Independence


Expand your knowledge, unlock Tablo's dialysis mastery.


Transform your home, create a personalized sanctuary.


Perfect your skills, gain confidence through training at our dialysis training facility in Woodridge Illinois.


Embrace liberation, bid farewell to clinics.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Home Dialysis with United Renal

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Tablo is designed to allow you to regain controlover your dialysis, over your time.


Get Prepare With the Tablo, your home is still a home. Let’s get it ready.


Get to know Tablo, with all the support you need from your clinical team.
Head home

Head home

Home But alone! Complete final training and sign-off, and it's time to go home tablo.
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Step 1: Start with a Conversation

Engage in an in-depth conversation with our nephrologist, Dr Rizwan Moinuddin, and care team to understand your unique requirements and aspirations regarding dialysis. Establish a collaborative approach toward your treatment process by promoting a cooperative mindset.
Explore the numerous benefits and feasibility of home dialysis with United Renal and Tablo, delving into how this innovative solution can effectively support your wellness objectives and improve your quality of life.
Inquire about the availability of home dialysis training sessions with our team in Woodridge Illinois.
Take the opportunity to address any concerns or questions regarding the transition to home dialysis, allowing our care team to provide you with the information and reassurance you need.

Step 2: Discover the System

Utilize United Renal’s resources to gather comprehensive information about Tablo, including its features, functionalities, and benefits.
Meet with United Renal’s medical care team in person and discuss home dialysis and if you are a good candidate.
Conduct in-center dialysis treatments with the Tablo Home Dialysis machines in our Woodridge location to learn about your specific dialysis needs.
Utilizing home dialysis with United Renal, gain a greater comprehension of home dialysis's benefits and potential drawbacks, enabling you to make wise decisions regarding your medical care.
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Step 3: Prepare and Practice

Work closely with our clinic to develop a personalized training plan for home dialysis.
Participate in hands-on training sessions to learn how to set up, operate, and maintain the home dialysis machine, Tablo, effectively.
Practice various aspects of home dialysis, including machine setup, troubleshooting, and safety procedures.
Receive guidance and feedback from the United Renal Services care team to ensure you are confident and competent in managing Tablo at home.
Engage in dialysis sessions to have actual experience in our Woodridge facility multiple times and refine your skills before transitioning to home dialysis.

Step 4: Embrace Your Independence

Collaborate with our care team to create a comprehensive plan for transitioning to home dialysis.
Understand your treatment schedule, including dialysis duration, frequency, and any modifications specific to home dialysis.
Work with United Renal for 24 hours support and learn how to order necessary supplies, medications, and consumables for home dialysis treatments.
Establish a support system at home, including a care partner or family member who can assist you when needed.
Embrace the responsibility and independence of managing your dialysis treatments at home, knowing that we are here and always available for guidance and support.
Home Diaylasis
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Step 5: Embark on Your Home Dialysis Journey

Acknowledge the successful culmination of your training and preparation for home dialysis.
Ensure that your home environment is suitably equipped to accommodate home homedialysis, including adequate space, adherence to electrical requirements, and access to the water supply.
To ensure that the Tablo is installed correctly in your home, follow the instructions provided by our care team.
Commence your dialysis treatments at home per your prescribed schedule, demonstrating confidence and self-sufficiency.
Maintain open communication with our team for ongoing support, regular check-ins, and necessary assistance throughout your home dialysis journey.

FAQs For United Renal Services

United Renal Services (URS) is a specialized healthcare provider aiming to improve individuals' quality of life with kidney disease. We offer renal care solutions, including home dialysis services through an innovative approach to care with state-of-the-art technology with a world-class team. We are located in Woodridge, Illinois, where you can find our training center for patients.
If you are interested in home dialysis, our healthcare professionals will collaborate closely with you to assess your eligibility and suitability for the program. Factors such as your medical condition, lifestyle, and home environment will determine if home dialysis suits you.
Home dialysis offers several benefits, including increased flexibility and convenience, reduced travel time to a dialysis center, greater control over your treatment schedule, and the ability to receive dialysis in the comfort of your home.
Yes, URS is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the transition to home dialysis. Our experienced healthcare team will guide you through the training process, help you set up the necessary equipment at home, and provide ongoing support to ensure your success with home dialysis.
Yes, URS works with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure patients receive the necessary dialysis treatments without financial burden. Our team will aid you in understanding your insurance coverage and help you navigate the billing process.
To request more information or schedule a consultation with United Renal Services, you can contact our team through our website or our dedicated helpline.