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At United Renal Services is a treatment option that allows you to take control of your health while enjoying the comforts of home. Say goodbye to long hospital visits and hello to a more flexible, convenient, and empowering way of managing your kidney disease.

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New Era of Dialysis - Introducing Home Renal Care

At Home dialysis with United Renal Services is about taking control of your kidney disease and living on your terms. You and a care partner will learn to operate your therapy system, set up access to your body, and perform dialysis treatments in the comfort of your home.

By bringing dialysis home, you take charge of your treatment schedule, freeing yourself from time-consuming trips to the dialysis center. Experience the freedom and flexibility of personalized care tailored to your unique needs, backed by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals committed to your well-being.

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Enhancing Your Quality of Life with Home Hemodialysis

Enhance your quality of life through the transformative power of home hemodialysis with Tablo, the revolutionary dialysis machine offered by the United Renal Services. Our mission is to provide you with a personalized care approach beyond the confines of clinical walls, empowering you to live life on your terms. As you embrace the flexibility of home hemodialysis, you'll experience a renewed sense of independence and freedom to pursue your passions and relationships.

Tablo's cutting-edge technology ensures precise and efficient treatment delivery, while its streamlined maintenance features make the dialysis process seamless and hassle-free. United Renal understand the importance of taking control of your renal care, and with Tablo, you have the power to do just that. It is not just a machine, it'’s a catalyst for change, a symbol of renewed hope and possibilities.

Benefits of Home Hemo Dialysis with United Renal in Woodridge, Illinois.

Flexibility and Convenience
Choose treatment schedules that fit your lifestyle and eliminate the need for lengthy commutes.
Personalized Care
Personalized Care
Receive dedicated one-on-one attention and tailored treatment plans.
Enhanced Comfort and Familiarity
Enhanced Comfort and Familiarity
Dialyze in the comfort of your own home, creating a relaxing and familiar environment.
Improved Quality of Life
Experience increased energy levels, improved appetite, better blood pressure control, and an overall sense of well-being.
Greater Independence
Take an active role in your renal care, gaining confidence and self-reliance.
Reduced Exposure to Infections
Minimize exposure to infections commonly found in dialysis centers, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment.
Improved Treatment Compliance
Enjoy better treatment adherence, improving clinical outcomes and reducing complications.
Cost Saving
Potentially save on transportation, medication, and supply costs, providing financial benefits. Connect with United Renal Services healthcare professionals to learn more about home hemodialysis and receive personalized guidance.

Why Home Hemodialysis With United Renal

Compassionate Care & Skilled Professionals
Personalized care by skilled and caring professionals.
Local Training Centers
Convenient access to comprehensive education and support in our Woodridge dialysis patient training center .
Affordable Insurance Options
Affordable options for accessible home dialysis.
Integrated All-in-One Technology
Advanced system for seamless treatment across care settings.
Easy to Use
Simplified processes for quick training and high user satisfaction.
Smart Connectivity & Automation
Wireless data transfer and cloud-based monitoring for efficient treatment.

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FAQs For United Renal Service

United Renal Services (URS) is a specialized healthcare provider aiming to improve individuals' quality of life with We offer renal care solutions, including home dialysis services through an innovative approach to care with state of the art technology with a world class team. We are located in Woodridge Illinois, where you can find our training center for patients.
If you are interested in home dialysis, our healthcare professionals will collaborate closely with you to assess your eligibility and suitability for the program. Factors such as your medical condition, lifestyle, and home environment will determine if home dialysis suits you.
Home dialysis offers several benefits, including increased flexibility and convenience, reduced travel time to a dialysis center, greater control over your treatment schedule, and the ability to receive dialysis in the comfort of your home.
Yes, URS is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the transition to home dialysis. Our experienced healthcare team will guide you through the training process, help you set up the necessary equipment at home, and provide ongoing support to ensure your success with home dialysis.
Yes, URS works with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure patients receive the necessary dialysis treatments without financial burden. Our team will aid you in understanding your insurance coverage and help you navigate the billing process.
To request more information or schedule a consultation with United Renal Services, you can contact our team through our website or our dedicated helpline. Add the location and phone here.